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Estate sale advertising should encompass more than an ad in the classified section of the local paper. (Although that is essential.) Estate Sale Specialists has an advertising plan designed to bring motivated customers to the sale.

Estate sales are a primary buying source for local antiques dealers and decorators, so they are an important target for advertising. They are often reached by personal contact, in addition to the methods explained below. We also maintain a list of eager collectors looking for specific items such as clocks, postcards, paintings, etc.

Flyers and Emails

estate sale flyers

Before each sale we prepare a flyer or handbill with a listing of some of the items for sale. The sale location and time is given, along with careful directions to find the house. These flyers are distributed to interested antique shops, antique malls and flea markets. For small town sales, flyers are posted on store bulletin boards or displayed in store windows.

This type of estate sale promotion is a two-phase campaign. We copy the information from the flyers into an email format and send it to hundreds of eager customers. We have compiled this email list from years of sales. Therefore, the only people we email, have requested to be notified. No spam!

Ads and Signs

estate sale ads

As mentioned above, effective advertising must include newspaper ads. Classified ads are where motivated buyers go treasure hunting. Our ads usually list specific desirable merchandise along with the sale's location, dates and time. We usually provide our email address and/or phone number to field questions about the sale. This is the most expensive form of advertising, so the length of the ad will be commensurate with the importance of the sale.

estate sale signs

Early in the morning on sale day, we place signs on streets near the sale and at busy intersections in the general area. We originally placed the signs just to help our customers find the sale. But they have become an important part of our estate sale advertising. We never cease to be amazed by strangers drawn to the sale by our signs. Sometimes they become the sale's best customers. Please Note: When the sale is over, all of these signs will be promptly removed!

Estate sale advertising has to be well-concieved and extensive. It is an essential component of the responsibilities of an estate sale service. Thorough and careful appraisal and pricing, showcasing, and advertising will almost guarantee a successful sale. All of which leads us to the next step on our journey--the big Sale Day!

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